Managed Switches

Managed Switches. Future Proofed. Campus LAN Proven.

Shogan Systems provide high-end Managed Switches which offer a secure, future-proof networking infrastructure–with integrated security, high availability, delivery optimization and enhanced manageability, designed for enterprise and campus networks.

Unmanaged Switches

Instant Connectivity with Reliable Performance.

Plug-and-play Switches for businesses in need of instant connectivity with no management required.




3G – Put G-Force In Your Mobility

Shogan Systems’ Mobile Broadband Routers give you the power of the latest 3G LTE speed for sharing WiFi connectivity wherever you are on the road. Connect more WiFi devices for mobile business, remote locations, events and RVs.


We use the latest Wi-Fi technology to maximize the flexibility within your office, allowing you to stay connected on the move and around the office, Data Encryption, user authentication and access control all mean that your network is fully secured at all times.


Shogan Systems supplies ADSL Router which is a high-performance modem router that provides internet connection through RJ11 (telephone line) WAN port. Complies with latest ADSL standards for performance up to 24Mbps downstream 3-in-1 device with ADSL router, LAN port & Wireless-N Access point.


Fastest Modem

Take advantage of the Gigabit internet speeds available and get the speeds you pay for. Shogan Systems provides the latest modem in which you’ll experience faster WiFi throughout your home.

Data Card

Shogan Systems is an authorised portable wireless data card dealer at Coimbatore. We offer products at the best price in the market.


Shogan Systems supplies High Performance Caching Proxy Server.

We provide proxy which:

  • are highly stable and scalable
  • can run on office desktops/servers
  • can integrate with various content filters
  • are proven and tested.