Retail Billing Software

Retail Billing Software

Shogan Systems is well-known for the Retail Billing System Profession in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu defined by quality, assurance and technically sounds in providing the best service to the customers for several years.
We are also much familiar with Online Retail Billing Software at Coimbatore in manipulating all your managerial and administration activities in a fraction of a task.
Our Retail Billing Software in Coimbatore delivers a tailor-made end-to-end hassle-free application to manage multi-branches and entire retail business with Barcode facilitated support.
We have formulated the application to an extent where all Suppliers, Products, Departments, Accounts and satisfactorily Customer’s credential can operate and monitor thru Multi-locations, Multi- Channels, Multi-Branches, etc. in one single platform.

Restaurant Billing Software

Easy, reliable, time saving and efficient restaurant billing with a single touch.
Visualize your order as per table status, availability and occupied in a glance. With the module of tracking multiple food ordering, track the status of the customer orders.
Manage your complete inventory, purchase of ingredients, sale order with daily sale reports.
Intimate your customers with vouchers, coupons and happy hour discounts through Emails/SMS. With the use of Restaurant billing software, monitor all your restaurant and kitchen activities from the single place of operation.
GST friendly restaurant billing software with no additional efforts.
View daily sales and output reports.

Supermarket Billing Software

Purchase Accurately Higher inventory turnover, lower operating cost
Tablet POS – Beautiful front end for complex backend operations & analytics
Mobile billing & ordering – express checkout, flexible & scalable Cloud POS Easy & quick setup, secured offline, easily scale up Digital ready Payment, Loyalty, Bio-metric, Complete effectively CRM Loyalty / Cloud SMS / E-mail Alerts
Efficient Inventory Standard, Assembly, Reorder, Repacking, Home delivery
Protect your margins Fix margins based on Supplier or Product/Landing cost calculation

super market billing software
pharma software


Pharmacy Software with Easy GST Billing & Filing Runs your pharmacy business successfully with Industries most efficient ERP. Have full control over inventory, billing & accounting, information about store items, suppliers & customers, most advanced search features and reports to take fast business decisions. Shogan System’s Pharmacy Software helps you grow your business with speed in a true sense.

Microsoft, Antivirus & Security

Make sure your devices have the best antivirus protection.
If you’re looking for the best antivirus software to keep your PC secure online, then you’ve come to the right place.

Even in this day and age, it is still essential to have the best antivirus software you can get your hands on installed on your PC (be it Windows or Mac), as malicious users are still coming up with ways to access you machine, be it hijackers grabbing your search page, or the latest ransomware encrypting all of your files.

antivirus software


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