POS and Barcode Solutions:

Point-of-Sale (POS) provides better solutions for retail businesses. We have decades of experience in the POS industry and thus we can provide professional guidance in setting up your POS system. We install your systems in order to provide improved productivity and assist with maintaining a lower total cost of ownership. Shogan Systems sell peripheral systems including Barcode Scanners, Pole Displays, Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers, etc. Whether you need installation, training, or networking, we have the expertise to provide you with the service you require. With 24/7 technical support, you can always rely on Shogan Systems for POS Retail Solutions. Get Instant Solution By filling the Contact form.


India is moving at a faster pace towards the organized sector world. If you are looking for ways to create a more uniform shopper experience across channels or trying to get a handle on tracking inventories between multiple locations, Shogan Systems is here to help you build strong customer satisfaction, boost sales and improve efficiency using our suite of customized POS applications. We are one of the leading POS retail solution providers in Coimbatore. Whatever we do, we are committed to the best transformational change across the entire retail ecosystem.


Our Hospitality POS integration enhances the ease of basic medical facilities like general health check-ups, skincare, diabetes care, nephrology, laparoscopic surgery, cardiology, trauma centre, oncology, orthopaedics, pediatric department, maternity facility, neurosurgery, eye care center, ENT, urology, much more.


Our Hospitality POS hardware installation solution is specially developed for Healthcare organizations in order to provide the finest automation coordinate and integrate all the inherent activities involved in the healthcare facility. Our Healthcare POS installation provides reliable, scalable and superior in delivering higher medical quality and offers both depth and width in the healthcare sector with different departments and different specialities in one platform.


We provide a Manufacturing POS installation solution which has various modules, such as a bill of material, manufacturing resource planning, work jobs, sales orders, purchasing and inventory, to small-sized businesses. The installed POS system addresses the major requirements of the overall manufacturing process workflow, which is the core of small businesses. The Touch Screen used for Work in Progress, Quality Inspection Section, Packing Section or Kiosk Application are the best products for the manufacture of POS product suite.